Forgetting your great ideas is history!

RapidNotes helps you remember everything that is important to you. Fast. Simple. Powerful.

1Great layout

We’ve created the most intuitive layout for a note-taking app. Swipe right for categories; swipe left to choose tags.
It is incredibly easy to navigate through RapidNotes.

Combined with amazing graphics, the app looks just like a beautifully handcrafted leather notebook.


We know that you are often on the go and don't have time to select the category that is right for your notes. Save them to the inbox and organize them later.

Focus on reading

3Focus on reading

As soon as you scroll down, both bars disappear.
You can use the whole screen to read your notes easily. Scroll up a little bit and they show up again.

4Keyboard extension

It helps you to immediately add pictures or share your notes with your friends. Arrows let you navigate through the text with ease. It makes handling your notes that much easier.

Keyboard extension

RapidNotes works perfectly for school, work, seminars, ideas, lists, plans, and everything else that matters to you.

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